About Jon Street

(That’s me that is!)

So you wanna know about me huh?

Well my voyeuristic friend, allow me to take you on a quick pitstop of my background so you know why I’m someone worth listening to…

Waaay back in 2004 I owned an offline t-shirt printing company in London. And it was failing. Miserably. At the time my sub conscious mind had decided to throw up some stuff I had buried in my early childhood and I was pretty much feeling constantly anxious without really knowing what was going on. Trying to get customers for my business freaked me out. Speaking to them freaked me out. Giving them their t-shirt freaked me out in case they hated it.

Yep – I was pretty freaked out.

I hid this from everyone, of course, like young men do. But life was becoming a struggle and the business was adding a pressure that I didn’t need at the time.

Then, through divine intervention, two of my friends had a fight outside a kebab shop. I broke my wrist trying to split them up and could no longer operate the printing press. This gave me the excuse I wanted to look into online business where I wouldn’t have to deal with any “scary” customers face to face. The Lord he works in mysterious ways – he chose two 21 year olds and a ton of beer to shape my future.

Onto the interwebs I went intent on making my fortune from there.

When I told people I was going to start an online business I got mocked mercilessly. I don’t blame em’. I wasn’t exactly someone you’d peg as an “entrepreneur”. And back then, in early 2005, the internet wasn’t anything like it was now where everyone knows someone who is using it to pay the bills (and then some!). Doing something like I did back then resulted in you being called a “dreamer” and being told to get “a proper job”.

All but two people mocked me. Thought I was a dreamer. Looked forward to seeing me crash land with a “I told you so”.

Those two people were my parents. My best friends in the world and my idols. My Dad had run a cushion company for 40 years at the time (he retired just a few years ago…aged 80!) and he handed me classic business books such as “Think And Grow Rich” and “7 Habits Of Highly Effective People”. He told me I could do it.

And I did do it.

But it took two years of painful failure, buying crap products without any substance, sleepless nights and embarrassing mishaps before things finally came good.

I advertised a product I had developed in magazines…it failed…

I sent direct mail promotions for another product through the post…it failed…

I had 15,000 leaflets sent to houses in my area for another business idea…it failed and broke my heart because I was sure this was the big one that would allow me to pay back the money my dear parents had lent me.

On and on one “sure fire winner” after another would fail.

Until one day my Dad told me a story that changed everything.

He showed me a course he had bought back in 1964. It was called “The National School Of Salesmanship”. This course taught Dad the psychology of what makes someone buy something from you.

“This one course is the reason why I’ve survived in business through multiple recessions and changes in the industry. When you understand people, you’ll be unstoppable Jon-boy” he said.

And so I stopped buying shitty, pie-in-the-sky programs and started to instead study and read books that focused on skills like copywriting – using words to trigger the buying brain.

I started to understand what got peoples attention, what made them want to buy and how to generate ideas based on that – the psychology of why people bought things – rather than ideas I thought would sell.

And almost overnight my ideas went from duds to gamechangers.

I’d come up with an idea and, literally in days, I’d have pulled in tens of thousands of pounds in online sales. Things went nuts!

Around this same time I was going DEEP into psychology and personal development to try and figure out the demons that had surfaced from childhood. If I wasn’t running the business, I was to be found sat on my balcony reading research papers or books that break down the human mind and our behaviour. What runs us. What makes us think what we think. And what makes us do what we do.

Slowly but surely the combination of world class marketing, advertising and business strategy, combined with a super deep understanding of what makes us humans do what we do, led me to one killer idea after another.

Within two years I’d created a product that did £1.2 million in sales in 14 months. All from an idea I had whilst sat in my living room overlooking the marina.

Within three I’d masterminded the launch of a new product that did just over £110,000 sales…in the first HOUR…

I’d get commission cheques of £40K+ from companies I generated ideas for and not realise that’s more than many earn in a year…

Looking back, it was absolutely crazy for someone so young to experience that kind of money.

And it was just the beginning…

By 26 I had a porsche…penthouse…all the fancy gadgets a young dude could wish for and a lifestyle that made people who knew of me, but not what I did, think I was a drug dealer (and a bloody good one at that!).

The material stuff I soon got bored with. The porsche became just another car. The penthouse view lost its “wow” factor. The gadgets stayed in boxes in one of the rooms in the penthouse I never went into. But what kept my life constantly exciting was bringing groundbreaking and cutting edge new businesses, products and services to the marketplace and seeing the positive impact they had in the world.

That buzz has never left me. And to this day nothing excites me like an idea that I know is going to change a business, a life and/or an entire industry.

Rather than keep going on, here’s a quick handful of things I have done in business that should encourage you to want to listen to me further…

  • I’ve created DOZENS of products that have generated tens of thousands in sales in days
  • Been hired by multi-millionaire entrepreneurs who pay me £30K to come up with ONE marketing idea for them
  • Written an advertisement for a dating site that generated 800,000 web site visitors in one month and went on to generate seven figures in sales
  • Helped build a martial arts youtube channel to over a million views in lightning quick time
  • Grew a local gym by 110% from just one idea that changed it’s positioning and added in an extra six figures in sales
  • Have grown numerous offline companies, like a yoga company and Krav Maga self defence company, by 20% or more with just an hour of my time
  • Have personally created products that have been licenced to be sold by other companies around the world in places such as South Africa, Germany, France, Spain, Brazil and Mexico.
  • Have been hired by some of the biggest influencers online, from fitness bloggers to social media influencers and even film stars, to help them come up with marketing campaigns and product ideas that get the online cash register ringing
  • Have got countless testimonials from peoples who’s lives have been changed because of just one idea I had whilst scratching myself on the sofa, singing in the shower or driving on the motorway.

I could go on, but this is turning into a bit of a self love fest. So to counter this let me tell you a little about…

My *Many* Flaws

Ah, this is better. I find it kinda awkward to speak about my past results and what I’ve achieved. This though, talking about what a fabulously flawed individual I am, this is a bit more me…

Firstly, let me reassure you of something. I’m not “special”. Not a “genius”. Not some kinda “whizzkid” who was born an entrepreneur. Some people are selling lemonade or playing cards aged 7 – I was smashing Hulk Hogan wrestling figures against Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Nup, I’m not a “born entrepreneur”.

Instead I’m someone who’s got lucky and managed to have fate, destiny, the universe or whatever else conspire to take me down routes that allowed me to learn things that many people don’t even know exist. So don’t think I’m “gifted” or was top of my class or any other story you might tell yourself about why you can’t do what I’ve done. Gifted I ain’t compadre.

That’s not to say I’m not sh*t hot at what I do – just that when you have the same knowledge as I have you’ll realise I’m not special, I’m just following certain procedures in order to get certain results.

So first flaw – I’m not a “super entrepreneur” like many (like to pretend they are). I’m just a normal dude from Essex in the UK who can’t put an Ikea table together but has been fortunate enough to learn a few things that are extremely valuable in life. Whether you see this as a flaw or not I suppose is up to you. Some like to think entrepreneurs have mythical superpowers because it stops them from believing they could get off their arse and make a difference in the world.

Second flaw – my ability to generate groundbreaking ideas on demand has led me to be super blase with money. Many, many, MANY times I have sat back and waited for my bank account to hit a number that makes me feel a little anxious and then I’ll go out and get an idea into the marketplace that see’s my account soar…and many times I’ll go back to lounging around, reading or relaxing and brainstorming the next idea rather than focusing on scaling the one that has just worked big time. This has led to me NOT fulfilling the potential I have for myself, and the impact I can have on the world. This is in the process of changing.

Third flaw – it took me YEARS before I realised just how crucial mindset is to entrepreneurship. I used to think anyone could become an entrepreneur. Now I know that’s not the case. If your mindset is not on point you will fail in business, if not straight away soon enough, because business is friggin’ hard and an absolute bitch at times. I spent too long wasting time and money mentoring people who were never destined to succeed because they were looking for an easy route (that doesn’t exist!). Third flaw, slow on the uptake some times.

Fourth flaw – I spend money like there’s no tomorrow on books, courses, seminars, mentors, coaches and other knowledge and skill development programs. If you sign up for my free video series you’ll see my embarrassing collection of books and courses. I’m a total geek for information and my social life has suffered because of it. I’ve spent well into the six figures on all this stuff and could more often be found reading and studying than at the pub – which loses me serious cool points in the eyes of many.

Fifth flaw – I can be offensive to some. My no holds barred business truths, combined with my humour, can tend to rub sensitive little flowers up the wrong way. I spent so long people pleasing and trying to make sure everyone “liked me” (impossible task – even Mother Theresa had haters so what hope have I got!) that I’ve got to the point where I purposely try to put off the delicate ones so they don’t follow me. Life’s too short and if you’re offended by the odd nob joke probably best you steer clear of me.

Again, I could go on and on here. I’m so flawed it’s ludicrous. But there’s something I want you to know about that…

Having worked with multi-millionaire entrepreneurs, HUGE online influencers and film stars I can assure you of one thing – they’re all flawed. You are. I am. They are. We all are. Flaws are fine, hiding them isn’t. It’s a painful and draining waste of time because you are constantly trying to pretend to live up to an expectation that good people don’t really care about. No one really wants you to be perfect, we just often think they do.

The Next Step

So listen, I have a track record that speaks for itself and if you decide to embark on a journey with me I will share knowledge with you that can completely change your personal and entrepreneurial life.

However I want you to do so fully understanding that I am very likely to drop an F bomb at times, reveal intimate and embarrassing stuff about my personal life to show you I’m nothing special and that you having flaws doesn’t need to stop you from hitting it big in life, and I’m also going to offer you paid trainings from time to time because, well, this ain’t a charity bro I gots to pay the bills too.

If that’s all OK with you, get on my list and let’s take the next step together. I always vowed to help others should I make it big, and this site is my way of doing so. Just gimme a chance, I promise you won’t be disappointed. Input your email address at the bottom of this page to access my free video series…

Jon 🙂


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