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Video Testimonials

Click Here to see some lovely videos of beautiful people saying nice things about me after a client I helped to six figure months hired me to teach his students

The first event went so well…he got me back to teach more training on a different topic to another group. Click here to see what these lovely people said about me (includes an hour long video from that live seminar).

More Testimonials from some happy campers…

“Jon was a client at my gym in Southampton. We offer very specific high end services and he told me that my web site wasn’t focused on this and the results we get for our clients enough. I had him rework some of the sales copy on the site and write a Google Adword ad for me. The result? I saw a 33% increase in clients and 110% increase in turnover (six figures) within 12 months”. Tom Hibbert – Award winning strong man (beast!) and owner of WinningHealthSolutions.co.uk  

“Our web site was struggling to get the visitors we wanted and wasn’t attracting the specific type of person we wanted in our class. Jon wrote an advertisement for us and we saw an immediate increase in traffic and a 20% increase in attendees in 3 months” Steve Harrison – Yoga Sanctuary

“Jon showed me a weak part of my sales process which has potentially cost me tens of thousands in lost sales over the past 12 months. He then showed me how to fix it, and it was so simple and  powerful it blew me away” PamFeatherstone.com Award winning seven figure business coach. 




I had a meeting with Jon recently. Like always, he showed me opportunities for growth in my business. One opportunity he showed me  resulted in $72,000 worth of business in the following three weeks. This one idea should be worth multiple six figures to me over the next year!” Matt Hodkinson. BBC’s “go-to”social media guy – InfluenceAgents.com  

My web site was getting traffic but just not making any money. Jon showed me how to provide massive value to my site visitors in the form of an irresistible product and powerful web copy. It pulled in £3108 in the first week and I made six figures in that first year. He also gave me the bug for copywriting which is a big part of my business these days” Mike Samuels. Leading Online Fitness Expert – HealthyLivingHeavyLifting.com

A video testimonial also from Mike after I helped him make 70K in two weeks can be found here

My software company, Stryv, was struggling to get any traffic and sales. Jon showed me why it was struggling and repositioned the offering. Within 60 days we were doing $60,000 a month. Another idea he gave me made $37,275 in four days. He’s a genius! I wouldn’t be where I am now without his mentorship” Zander Woodford Smith – Former coach to olympic athletes and founder of Stryv.io

“Jon Street showed me a business model that allowed me to quit my job as a scientist and start a full time digital marketing agency. That was seven years ago and I’ve been full time running my agency and loving it ever since. Without that one idea I’d never be enjoying the freedom and positive impact I am now” Alan Tobutt – Celtaldirect.co.uk 

There’s more where they came from! But here are the testimonials and transformations I’m most proud of…

Unlike many “experts” in the online marketing field, I haven’t just sold been involved in the online marketing niche. As you can see from the testimonials above I have grown offline companies in numerous niches (including businesses not mentioned above like a Krav Maga self defence company – 22% increase in business virtually overnight), software companies, coaching companies, fitness companies and more. I got a dating company 800,000 visitors in one month, for example. And made another company £110,000 in an hour when I created a product launch for them (EWorld Digital Media).

So, I’ve done a fair bit to be proud of. And that’s not even to mention the numbers I’ve pulled in from my own products.


Nothing comes close to how proud I am of the testimonials below. These came from a product I created which taught people how to take control of their personal, financial and emotional life using proven strategies from psychology, neuroscience and more. It was called Resistance Override and the testimonials came flooding in…

“Resistance Override taught me more about the brain, my emotions and what I was capable of more than any other course I have ever been through. It was completely life changing and showed me my real potential. So much so that, at the age of 56, I embarked on getting into shape…and ended up winning a natural bodybuilding championship in New Zealand where I currently live just ten months after the Override program. A newspaper back in Germany (where I was born) even covered the story! And I started my own online business teaching men over 50 how to get in shape. Jon changed my mindset and life forever and I can’t thank him enough” Michael Bannert 

“Before Jon released Resistance Override my husband Steve and I were in a rut. He had a heart attack the year before and his work was full of pressure and stress. Despite wanting to quit his job he just didn’t feel he could. That was, until Resistance Override came along. We both sat watching the course and with each video it was like our eyes were opened to how much our society shapes our belief systems and what we value. It was like he broke us out of a mental prison and showed us there were more options to life than what we were putting up with. Long story short he gave us the courage to go after our dream – of selling our home and moving to the countryside in France. We did it and we’ve never been happier! Resistance Override was a turning point that we’ll never forget” Carolyn and Steve Murrell – Pictured below in sunny France 🙂

“I haven’t had the easiest time in life. In my late teenage years I ended up in the Maudesley clinic in London struggling with mental health issues. It cost my family £30,000 to have me treated there. I can honestly say that Resistance Override and Jon’s training has done more for me than my weeks at the clinic and all the other therapies I have had over the years combined. He gave me back my self confidence and esteem and now I run my own marketing agency. I’m a different person thanks to him” Gareth Williams 

“For 53 years I had low confidence, low self esteem and I felt pretty worthless. My relationship with my parents was a struggle when I was a child, school knocked the confidence out of me and I felt like life was not worth living at times. But then your Resistance Override course came along and, Jon, I’m telling you now it changed my life. I realised it was not my fault my parents were the way they were with me. I realised I wasn’t worthless after all. My confidence is built, I feel great about myself and I am taking on projects I would never have been brave enough to take on before” Mohammad Choudhury – UK

“Jon’s course helped me to recognise my emotional eating, the triggers and how to take control of my emotions rather than be a victim to them. I exercise daily now and am fitter than I ever have been. I am getting out of my comfort zone regularly and loving it. We all have untapped potential in us and if there’s anyone who knows how to pull it out of you it’s Jon Street” John Murphy – UK

And now my favourite of all. One that puts a lump in my throat each time I think of it and one that drives me to help other entrepreneurs change lives in their own unique way…

The testimonial below is real. If you make up testimonials, you can end up with a law suit (feel free to hire a lawyer to check if mine are true if you wish). More than that though, if you made up one like the one below you’d be a scumbag.

I know there will be doubters, but I can assure you the email below is completely real, humbling and something I am so proud of I can’t put it into words. Have a read and you’ll see what I mean…

“Resistance Override literally saved my life.  It came as a bright light in the darkness that my life had become.  As a survivor of abuse throughout my childhood and teens, I was suffering with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety and Depression.  I’d tried all the usual – counselling, therapy, medication, self help books etc, which helped to a point, but I always felt lost, broken and stuck. I could never move forward.

Then I heard about Resistance Override which, hand on heart, has helped me more than all the years of therapy put together. As I read about it at the time, I was amazed.  It gave me real hope and felt like Jon had tailor made the training for me. And believe me, helping me out of the pit I was in was going to take some doing. Getting Resistance Override was the turning point for me and where my life started and kept moving me forward. 

The course is a series of fascinating videos which in a nutshell, is about uncovering and ‘rewiring’ the unconscious beliefs, behaviours and issues that affect us all, and hold us back from where we want and deserve to be in life.  The great news is, with this training, you ‘can’ and ‘will’ take control back and when you do, it’s unbelievably liberating and life transforming..  Without it, I know that I’d still be hitting the unseen hurdles and obstacles that were completely stopping me from living.

The way Jon has put the course together is brilliant and a credit to him  He presents it in a friendly, interesting and easy to follow way.  There’s so many light bulb and ‘wow’ moments as you learn just how and why things have been holding you back and keeping you stuck, followed by excitement and eager anticipation as Jon leads you by the hand through the “rewiring” training where you learn how to ‘override the resistances’ and reclaim your life.  It’s incredible.

Throughout the training, Jon draws on experiences from his own past, as well as providing ample real life examples to illustrate what he is teaching.  He doesn’t leave a stone unturned.  He really ‘gets it’ and what really comes across to you is his compassion, empathy and genuine desire to help people.  He has done an amazing job of that with Resistance Override.

So whether you have had a traumatic past, damaging relationships, suffer from low confidence and self esteem, or you feel generally stuck and as though something is always holding you back and sabotaging your hopes and efforts,  then Resistance Override is the very best investment you could ever make.  Don’t let these unconscious blocks take away your future or life. you deserve a great life and this training will liberate you to go and get it. It has truly been a life changer for me. I now face my present and future with positivity and excitement instead of dread and despair – all thanks to Jon and Resistance Override.  I highly recommend it to you and extend a big thanks to Jon for putting this incredible training together and helping people reclaim their lives – he is literally a life saver with a heart of gold”

Note from Jon: As if that wasn’t enough, Lisa sent me this a year and a half after the program…

“My husband gets very emotional when thinking or talking about my past so he’s never the one to bring it up first.  But on the evening of our silver wedding we were out having a meal when with a tear in his eye he said that he was so glad that I’d managed to survive to see it as he never thought I’d still be around given the state I was in and how close to suicide I got before going through your Resistance Override.

He said “I don’t know what was in that course of Jon’s but as you worked through it I saw you piece your life back together, that haunted look left your eyes, the lights came on and gradually the Lisa I married came back”.

He went on to say that he himself would never be able to thank you enough for all the help you gave me through that course and for the help you have so kindly offered me with the business marketing etc when I’m at that stage.  He knows that I live to help others and how much your help has meant to me, and as he can’t thank you personally, he wanted me to tell you just how grateful to you he is for helping to pull me back from the brink and all your help since then” Lisa N, Lancashire UK

THAT’S why I do what I do and teach what I teach. The power of an entrepreneur with a great idea can have a profound impact on industries, lives and the world. I can teach you how to develop the skills, mindset and drive to leave a legacy that others can only dream of!


FREE SERIES: Why People Buy...

How To Use The Secrets Of Buyer Psychology To Easily Generate Groundbreaking And Irresistible Ideas That Quickly Turn Into Life Changing Businesses, Products, Traffic And Marketing Campaigns

It's free :)
The easy way to solve traffic and sales problems like a pro!